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I want to create a new DbCommand, but get some errors:

DbCommand insertcommand = new DbCommand("insert into persons(firstname, lastname, email) values(?, ?, ?)", connection);
insertcommand.Parameters.Add(1, DbType.String, 50, "fistname");
insertcommand.Parameters.Add(2, DbType.String, 50, "lastname");
insertcommand.Parameters.Add(3, DbType.String, 100, "email");
dbAdapter.InsertCommand = insertcommand;

This yields the errors

Cannot create an instance of the abstract class Or interface "System.Data.Common.DbCommand"


No overload for method 'Add' takes 4 arguments

How should I be creating these commands and populating the parameters?

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You normally need to either create a concrete instance directly (new SqlCommand etc) or use IDbConnection.CreateCommand.

It's not clear which is the most appropriate for your situation.

As for the Add calls - if you use a concrete command type, you may well have more overloads available to you. Otherwise you'll probably want to use IDbCommand.CreateParameter, set properties, then add it to the parameter collection.

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You need to create a new SQLParameter and add everything to that. Then, pass the SQLParameter as your parameter. Parameters.Add only takes in one parameter, I believe, and that would be your SQLParameter.

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