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i have a problem, i need to insert into celltable rows of entity persistent, I have seen all the examples of celltable in Google Developer's Guide and searched a lot to do so without entity class. this is my entity (Package entity.commun):

public class Eleve implements java.io.Serializable{


        @Persistent(valueStrategy = IdGeneratorStrategy.IDENTITY) private String email;

    @Persistent private String nom;

    @Persistent private String prenom;
    @Persistent private char sexe;
    @Persistent private String adresse;
    @Persistent private String codePostal;
    @Persistent private String dateNaissance;
    @Persistent private String lieuNaissance;
    @Persistent private String groupe;
    @Persistent private String emailParent;

    public Eleve(String nom,String prenom,char sexe,String adresse,String codePostal, String dateNaissance,String lieuNaissance,String email,String emailParent) {


//Getters and Setters   


my celltable in package Client:

CellTable<Eleve> cellTable_Eleve = new CellTable<Eleve>();
        Panel_Read_Eleve.add(cellTable_Eleve , 0, 32);
        cellTable_Eleve .setSize("189px", "156px");

when i compile the project, there's a lot of errors: did you forget to inherit a required module?

I need help, i m starter on GWT developpement thanks

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Hello as in Bonjour Monsieur,

It looks like you need to create some kind of DTO in your client package for the Eleve entity.

For exemple, you would fetch Eleve lists through remote calls (JSON, RPC, RequestFactory, etc.) and return let's say a list of EleveDTO objects.

It looks like RequestFactory would be a nice fit for you.

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