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A list, since it's easier to write:

• Music starts playing
• Skip to next track
• Flite speaks song title
fliteDidFinishSpeaking doesn't fire -- Why?
• Hit Play to start the music -- [musicPlayer play]; is at the end of the failing method
• Skip to next track (or just wait for the song to finish)
• Flite speaks the title of the last song -- not taking the new argument for say:
• Music restarts -- From this point on, Flite doesn't have trouble
• Skip to next track
• Flite speaks normally
• Music restarts

This only happens when the app is first launched, so there's something wrong with the initializing, either in my code or in OpenEars/Flite itself.

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Brute force seems to be working pretty well:

- (void)fliteWillStartSpeaking {
    [self resetFliteController];
    [fliteController say:@"some words" withVoice:curVoice];

    fliteDidFinish = NO;
    fliteFinishTimer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:kFliteTimerCycle
                         target:self selector:@selector(forceFliteDidFinish)
                         userInfo:nil repeats:NO];

- (void)forceFliteDidFinish {
    if (!fliteDidFinish) {
        [self fliteDidFinishSpeaking];

    [fliteFinishTimer invalidate];

A proper fix would be ideal, if anyone has found one.

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