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I'm using the ConfigParser to read the configuration information stored in a file. I'm able to read the content and use it across other modules in the project. I'm not sure if the configuration file is read every time I call config.get(parameters). How can I make sure that the configuration information is read only once and rest of the time its read from the cache.

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Have you looked at the source code of ConfigParser to see what it does? –  David Z Jun 24 '09 at 18:39

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I would try assigning the configuration to a variable.

configVariable = config.get(parameters)

Then you can pass the configuration variable to other modules as necessary.

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The default implementation of the ConfigParser class reads its data only once.

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This isn't my answer, but user gimel came with this nifty solution: click

(You can check whole question pointed by this link, it is very similar to Yours.)

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