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I am attempting to let users on my site push a button to take a screenshot of the current screen ( everything in body).

From my research, html2canvas seems to be a resource that makes this possible.

My issue is the documentation does not provide example code and I am struggling to get a grip on the steps involved.


The following SO question ( How to upload a screenshot using html2canvas? ) leaves me a bit confused. I just want to know how to get an image at this point.

From his code.

    var canvasRecord = new html2canvas(document.body).canvas;

     //At this point does the .toDataURL method return a png?

At this point I am lost where the image is, or even how/when to create it. Ill worry sending it to the server later.

Any information appreciated. Thanks! (html2canvas even needed?)

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You may also want to consider some of the phantomjs-based screen shot solutions. Look on the PhantomJS wiki (search for "screenshot") or consider this node.js/phantom project. –  Peter Lyons May 1 '12 at 17:56
You might want to take a look at the usage section of the readme file. –  0sh Oct 17 '12 at 14:15

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As you are using the html2canvas jQuery plugin, here is a sample snippet

var screenshot;

  onrendered: function(canvas) {
    screenshot = canvas.toDataURL();

    //code to process/send the image to server

In the above code snippet the html2canvas creates the screenshot of the page.

You can also use PhantomJS to create screenshots of webpages - provided that they are public pages, because you may not be able to access login protected pages on the server-side; in such situations only a client-side solution like html2canvas will work.

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can you run phantomjs on the clientside? –  cantdutchthis Feb 1 at 12:16
phantomjs is not a javascript library, it is a webkit browser without the user interface. So you cannot run it on the clientside. You can use services like usersnap.com to get screenshots of your website/app. –  Livingston Samuel Feb 3 at 17:11
$("#screenshot").click(function() {
    onrendered: function( canvas ) {
<div id="screenshot"></div>

.filt_opt_n this is a div which u want to show the output this is working for me

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