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First attempt to use this cool site - after searching for 2 hours: So I have a Java Bean that is given (I can only annotate not change) and need to map it to XML using JAXB. I would like primitives types not to be printed when they contain their language default, or a user-defined default.

As said I cannot change the java bean, and therefore change the primitive types into their Object Wrappers counterparts.

How do you do that best?

Sample bean:

class Foo {  
public String name;  
// -1 is user defined default, to indicate field is not set.  
public long someIdx=-1;  
// ...  

Foo f = new Foo(); = "Duke";

for this instantiation, what I would like is the following output:

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You could use JAXB's XmlAdapters. Availible since JAXB 2.0 (JDK 6.0)

Using the adapter, you let the bean alone and annotate/change a completely different class. This should be not a problem in your case.

See my reply here

See JAXB's author's blog post

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Thanks, I acutally now just wrote converters encapsulating the types that was the easiest way. – Ben Jun 29 '09 at 23:00

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