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Where does Collectd store its plugins by default? I am missing a perl plugin and I want to make sure its not because the installation was hosed.

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The plugin location is configured using the directive PluginDir in collectd.conf. The default (compiled in) location can be queried using the builtin help:

$ collectd -h
Usage: collectd [OPTIONS]
Builtin defaults:
Plugin directory  /usr/lib/collectd

This is for the plugins written in C. You are referring to a perl plugin, so this applies to perl.so, which is the perl interpreter plugin itself. If you were asking about the location of the perl (*.pm) files, then it's your perl policies that apply (i.e. @INC). If you need to force the standard perl module location, you can use the IncludeDir directive inside your <Plugin perl> block

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On my system (Fedora 17) the plugins are installed in /usr/lib64/collectd, from the following packages:

$ rpm -qf /usr/lib64/collectd/* | sort -u
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