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I am using JAX-WS comes with standard jdk (i am using 1.6). And I want to know how to simulate soap response for testing? For example, I can set the soap response xml as a string (which is read from file) every time I call a soap service.


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You should have a WSDL and a tester if your IDE allows.

So go to your WSDL url then replace WSDL with Tester.

That is how netbeans works and I configured eclipse to work the same way.

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It is possible to work in raw xml using JAX WS and send the xml you need. You can work either at the application data level i.e. the message encapsulated in the SOAP envelope to be processed by the web service or at the SOAP envelope level.
You need to read about Dispatch.
There are examples if you google. E.g. Creating a Dispatch client

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