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I want to create an app that allows users to join a chat room with other users. Once the users join the chat room, I would like to bill the users on a per minute basis.

Therefore, I would like the users to purchase packages of time, ie 60 mins for $xx. Once that time has been used up by the user, the user will be prompted to buy more time to be in the chat room.

After conversations with Apple, this is not doable due to recent changes in their policy. Does anyone foresee any issues with Android on this one?


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better be one hell of a chatroom. –  Mike McMahon May 1 '12 at 19:56

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Only the obvious one: If you distribute the app via Google Play, then you have to use Google's payment processor. Android IAP only allows you to sell digital goods, so I think you're covered there. That, and what Mike M said.

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You can do that using an unmanaged purchase within Google Play. The only catch there is that the phone will not keep track of these purchases, so it makes sense to have some server infrastructure that keeps track of them --- especially if you'd like the user to make use of the purchase across devices.

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