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Does anybody know, with confidence if the (default) rate limit of 2 connections per host applies to System.Net.Http.HttpClient.

Please state the source of your information and whether this limit can be increased like this or whether there is a better/easier way to do it.

Also, is there a limiter implementation? e.g. 40 calls per minute top?

There is a good article on a throttling tactic using Reactive Extensions here but I was wondering if there is a HttpClient way to do it.

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According to the documentation (see the third paragraph of Remarks), HttpClient uses a HttpWebRequest by default. And HttpWebRequest certainly does have the two concurrent connections per host limitation.

HttpClient doesn't say if the HttpClientHandler (the default) changes any of the defaults in HttpWebRequest. I would suspect not.

If you want to change that, you'll have to create your own HttpMessageHandler and pass a reference to the HttpClient constructor.

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