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Like the title says - I want to add my custom output to a rails generator - much like you see identical - xxx or force - xxx

I want to add special, nicely formatted warnings for my custom generator - only I don't see any guidance for doing that, other than using puts

For example, I'd like to see:

 Warining: Missing Related Data File

Where the word warning would be written in red. Very similar to what you see in a typical rails generator command...

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Can you be more specific about what kind of formatting you want? –  Jordan May 1 '12 at 20:58

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Rails' generators are based on Thor. When you raise a Thor::Error the output will automatically be colored red. For example:

raise Error, "Warning: Missing related data file"

This will color the whole message red (and suppress the backtrace for cleaner output).

Furthermore you can use any of Thor's actions in your generator and several, e.g. say and yes?, support a second color argument, allowing you to do e.g.:

say_status "OK", "Blue is my favorite color", :blue

The available colors are shown here.

Finally, you can call set_color directly for fine-grained control of formatting, e.g.:

say set_color( "STOP ",    :red ) +
    set_color( "CAUTION ", :yellow ) +
    set_color( "GO!",      :green, true )

(If the third parameter is true the output will be bold.)

I hope that's helpful—but please use it responsibly!

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Thanks - That works. I started using colorize (which is great and does does what I want) but this seems a bit more 'native'... –  Daniel D May 2 '12 at 12:21

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