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This question has been answered (see below question)

Original Question: I built a website that works correctly and has no issues. Then we started a migration from a VPS based server to a true dedicated server. While doing this, our hosting company upgraded us from CentOS 4 to CentOS 6, from PHP 5.2.9 to PHP 5.3 and switched us from DSO to SuPHP. Now the new server is causing an error that we did not have before. One of our pages is showing blank and I have narrowed it down to a single line of code (line 26).

1.  class directoryByLetterReverse{
2.      private $da=0;
3.      public $category;
4.      public $letter;
5.      public $listing;
6.      function __construct($letter,$category,$conn){
7.          $this->letter=$letter;
8.          $this->category=$category;
9.          $recordSet=&$conn->Execute('SELECT members.Member_ID AS MemberID, companies.CompanyName AS CompanyName, members.IPAddress AS IPAddress, directory_table.dir_id, members.BusinessType_ID, members.MemberType FROM members Inner Join companies ON companies.Company_ID = members.Company_ID Left Join directory_table ON directory_table.member_id = members.Member_ID WHERE companies.CompanyName LIKE "'.$this->letter.'%" AND members.BusinessType_ID LIKE "'.$this->category.'" AND members.published="1" ORDER BY directory_table.dir_id DESC, members.Member_ID DESC;');
10.         if(!$recordSet){
11.             print $conn->ErrorMsg();
12.         } else {
13.             $this->listing[0]['memberid']=''.$recordSet->fields[0].'';
14.             $this->listing[0]['companyname']=''.$recordSet->fields[1].'';
15.             $this->listing[0]['ipaddress']=''.$recordSet->fields[2].'';
16.             $this->listing[0]['dirid']=''.$recordSet->fields[3].'';
17.             $this->listing[0]['typeid']=''.$recordSet->fields[4].'';
18.             $this->listing[0]['memtype']=''.$recordSet->fields[5].'';
19.             while($array=$recordSet->FetchRow()){
20.                 $this->da++;
21.                 $this->listing[$this->da]['memberid']=''.$recordSet->fields[0].'';
22.                 $this->listing[$this->da]['companyname']=''.$recordSet->fields[1].'';
23.                 $this->listing[$this->da]['ipaddress']=''.$recordSet->fields[2].'';
24.                 $this->listing[$this->da]['dirid']=''.$recordSet->fields[3].'';
25.                 $this->listing[$this->da]['typeid']=''.$recordSet->fields[4].'';
26.                 $this->listing[$this->da]['memtype']=''.$recordSet->fields[5].'';   < - - - - this line right here is what is causing the problem
27.             };
28.         };
29.     }
30.     function returnSingle($j){
31.         return $this->listing[$j]['memberid'].' '.$this->listing[$j]['companyname'].' '.$this->listing[$j]['ipaddress'].' '.$this->listing[$j]['dirid'];
32.     }
33. }

For the life of me I cannot find anything wrong with line 26, but if I leave it there, I get a blank page, if I comment it out, everything works (until you go to a page that references it but that I would expect to be broken).

Also, just a a side note, I am using ADOdb Database Abstraction Library (http://adodb.sourceforge.net/) for the MySQL interaction.

Turns out there is in fact nothing wrong with the code, the testing server simply has limited performance and was not able to handle the load of an uncached page loading. thank you for the comments as they got me thinking in the right direction to find what i needed.

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Which is the single line of code you narrowed it down to? – dweiss May 1 '12 at 21:25
oops, I edited the post, but it is line 26 – Spenser David Fishel May 1 '12 at 21:26
What error are you getting? Do you log PHP errors? Do you log the apache errors? – hakre May 1 '12 at 21:28
enable error_reporting, display_errors or log_errors and check the log file. Maybe $recordSet->fields[5] does not exist (E_NOTICE). Hard to say that without knowledge of the error message. – MonkeyMonkey May 1 '12 at 21:29
Is memberType null in one of the records? This is my guess. fields[5] does exist otherwise because it's referenced earlier and works fine. However, it's possible that not every record has this and therefore doesn't always exist. – dweiss May 1 '12 at 21:32

And without the ";" of line 27 and 28, still doesn't work ?

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tried that too, infact i added them in trying to get it to work, makes no difference. but if i put a // at the begining of line 26, everything just starts working – Spenser David Fishel May 1 '12 at 21:30

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