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Having an infuriating problem with FCKEditor in Drupal that I cannot figure out for the life of me.

I am creating a block and using the FCKEditor rich text input box. I switch to Source mode and enter in the following HTML:

<img src="http://test.com/image.png" alt="an image" />

I check to confirm that input format is set to "Full HTML" and press Save. Upon loading my site, I discover that the HTML in FCKEditor's Source view is now:

<p><img alt="\&quot;an image" src="\&quot;http://test.com/image.png\&quot;" /></p>

Obviously that prevents the image from rendering properly since the browser sees the path to the image as:


PLEASE does someone know how to help? This is infuriating.


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Quick workaround could be to not use the quotes since it seems to be adding them in anyway. Example:

<img src=http://site.com/image alt=alt text>
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Have you changed or selected a suitable text format?

If you go to admin/config/content/formats, you can update or even create a new text format.

Select the one you're currently using that is resulting in this problem, and check if one of the filters is creating this problem. There are some that can influence or generate the problem you're experiencing.

  • "Correct faulty and chopped off HTML" filter
  • "Convert URLs into link" filter
  • "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter

Also, check in the FCKEditor's config page if any auto-correction filter is activated.

In any case, if the problem is inserting images, I think you should be better off with a dedicated module, like IMCE (http://drupal.org/project/imce).

Hope it helps.

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