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I'm working on kmdf volume filter driver and wanted to handle shutdown. The article WDM IRPs and KMDF Event Callback and comments in the WDF book seems to suggest that the WDF supports IRP_MJ_SHUTDOWN only for control(non PNP) deivce. So I added call to WdfControlDeviceInitSetShutdownNotification(WdfDeviceShutdown) for my control object and that allowed me to save file to same volume at the time of shutdown. However the document sys that WdfDeviceShutdown is called before flush which I'm not seeing. I've callback for flush using EvtDeviceWdmIrpPreprocess(IRP_MJ_FLUSH). Looking at the Dbg print, I always see flush callback before WdfDeviceShutdown callback.

I wonder if I'm missing something. Any comments on this behavior will help me understand this better. I'm seeing flush before because control device is at volume filter level which is below file system hence executive flushes file system buffer before closing/notifying my device.

Note: If I use WdfControlDeviceInitSetShutdownNotification(WdfDeviceLastChanceShutdown) I get error 0xc0000189 (STATUS_TOO_LATE) when I try to write to the file.

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