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I'm trying to write a fabric function that puts a script on a remote host and runs it as root. I don't have the root password to login to the machine, nor am I a sudoer, but I do have a root principle in kerberos. Typically, I can connect to a machine as root with the following:

kinit username/root
(enter root principle pass)

ssh root@host

Connecting in this manner I'm not prompted for a password when ssh'ing to the host.

So I want to emulate this process using fabric. To do so I assumed the following,

kinit user/root

fab task1 task2 --user=root

Unfortunately fabric prompts me for a password, while I do not have the root password, I can't supply this. Fabric will not let me pass a null for the password as far as I can tell. Any ideas?

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Looks like Fabric doesn't support Kerberos authentication. If I remember correctly paramiko library doesn't support it either and Fabric uses paramiko (not sure), so it doesn't have corresponding support.

You should go and ask here:

May be use IRC channel so as to get quick response.


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In case you are using latest Fabric, it has shifted from paramiko to python ssh library here (python ssh, project link) But sadly that also misses kerberos support. – useratuniv May 2 '12 at 5:57
right, I found some details in fabric/ it appears this might not be feasible given the limitations of the underlying libraries. Thanks for the info, I will hit up the IRC channel – siesta May 2 '12 at 6:26

There is an open pull request for support of Kerberos in Fabric and it looks like it's working and is almost ready to be merged:

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