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So I have the following code:

#define degreesToRadians(x) (M_PI * x / 180.0)

@implementation NewsFeedSubCell
@synthesize imageView_;

- (id)initWithStyle:(UITableViewCellStyle)style reuseIdentifier:(NSString *)reuseIdentifier
    self = [super initWithStyle:style reuseIdentifier:reuseIdentifier];
    if (self) {

        CGRect frame = self.frame;
        frame.size.width = 20;
        frame.size.height = 20;
        self.frame = frame;
        self.contentView.frame = frame;

        UIImageView *imageView = [[UIImageView alloc] initWithFrame:self.frame];
        imageView.transform = CGAffineTransformRotate(self.contentView.transform, degreesToRadians(90));
        [imageView setAutoresizingMask:UIViewAutoresizingNone];
        [self.contentView addSubview:imageView];
        self.imageView_ = imageView;
        [imageView release];

    return self;

Any idea why this is not rotating?

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Why are you taking the transform of the contentView? Try to use CGAffineTransformMakeRotation instead of CGAffineTransformRotate

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