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Anybody figured out the keyboard equivalent of this menu?

The menu I would like to have a keyboard shortcut for

I have been using this menu on test cases infused with Robotium with class signatures like:

public class AccountTest extends ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2<MainActivity> { ... }

Somehow, Alt-Shift-X, T just doesn't quite do the same thing even if you select the Android JUnit Runner in the dialog that pops up...

The similar Run As -> Android Application has a tricky shortcut of Alt-Shift-A, R when launching every other conceivable type of runnable begins with Alt-Shift-X, so there is hope.

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Window -> Preferences -> Run/Debug -> Launching -> Always launch the previously launched application.

Run the test case, either the whole thing, or a particular test method, once. It then becomes available to run again in the history. Press the Run or Debug button's drop down menu. Select the configuration you want to run. From then on, F11 or Ctrl+F11 (debug or run) rinses and repeats the exact same thing again.

type type type, F11, observe results, type type type. No mouse. Very productive.

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On my macbook I'm using Shift-Command-Fn-F11.

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this runs the units but not debug – Hassan Sep 9 '14 at 16:34

I am using a similar shortcut but for TestNG, in my case, the shortcut is SHIFT + ALT + X, G

So when I press SHIFT + ALT + X, I get a small window at bottom right side as:

enter image description here

Once I see this window on the bottom right, as I hit the key G, it launches TestNG Suite as expected.

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