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As a test i wrote a .NET script which recursively looks in C:\$Recycle.Bin and i'd like to delete files after they been in there for X days.

I decided to check the access time but access time isn't updated on move. How do i check if a file has been in there for X period of time? (i'm using windows 7)

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You ask for the System.Recycle.DateDeleted extended property. Once you decide which items you want to delete, you can invoke the delete verb –  Raymond Chen May 2 '12 at 13:18

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This c# version may help:

var Shl = new Shell(); Folder Recycler = Shl.NameSpace(10); 
FI = Recycler.Items().Item(0);   
string FileName = Recycler.GetDetailsOf(FI, 0); 
string FilePath = Recycler.GetDetailsOf(FI, 1); 
string RecyleDate = Recycler.GetDetailsOf(FI, 2); 
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