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I'm trying to get grails to validate the contents of a List of objects, might be easier if I show the code first:

class Item {
  Contact recipient = new Contact()
  List extraRecipients = [] 

  static hasMany = [

  static constraints = {}

  static embedded = ['recipient']

class Contact {
  String name
  String email

  static constraints = {
    email(email:true, blank:false)

Basically what i have is a single required Contact ('recipient'), this works just fine:

def i = new Item()
// will be false
assert !i.validate() 
// will contain a error for 'recipient.name' and 'recipient.email'

What I'd like also do it validate any of the attached Contact objects in 'extraRecipients' such that:

def i = new Item()
i.recipient = new Contact(name:'a name',email:'email@example.com')

// should be true as all the contact's are valid
assert i.validate() 

i.extraRecipients << new Contact() // empty invalid object

// should now fail validation
assert !i.validate()

Is this possible or do I just have to iterate over the collection in my controller and call validate() on each object in extraRecipients?

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If I'm understanding the question correctly, you want the error to appear on the Item domain object (as an error for the extraRecipients property, instead of letting the cascading save throw a validation error on the individual Contact items in extraRecipients, right?

If so, you can use a custom validator in your Item constraints. Something like this (this hasn't been tested but should be close):

static constraints = {
    extraRecipients( validator: { recipients ->
        recipients.every { it.validate() } 
    } )

You can get fancier than that with the error message to potentially denote in the resulting error string which recipient failed, but that's the basic way to do it.

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thank's I'll have a bash at that later tonight –  Gareth Davis Jun 25 '09 at 11:37
This does actually work and is I think the solution I'm going to use. But having spent a bit of time debugging the GrailsDomainClassValidator it seems it should do this automatcally and doesn't in my case because of a hibernate Proxy class getting in the way. –  Gareth Davis Jun 25 '09 at 20:04

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