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Is there any existing implementation that compute this in Perl?

 nCk (n choose k), or n!/(k!*(n-k!))

That only returns a number, not list of combination.

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Why would non-CPAN be important? You can always look at the source of anything on CPAN. –  brian d foy May 2 '12 at 7:10
If it isn't on CPAN it doesn't exist. –  Brad Gilbert Nov 6 '12 at 21:54

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Math::Counting defines the necessary functions. You can copy and paste the following and use it without any external modules:

sub combination {
    my( $n, $r ) = @_;
    return unless defined $n && $n =~ /^\d+$/ && defined $r && $r =~ /^\d+$/;
    my $product = 1;
    while( $r > 0 ) {
        $product *= $n--;
        $product /= $r--;
    return $product;

However, for arbitrary precision, you should use Math::BigInt. Again, you can use the function from Math::Counting:

sub bcomb {
    my( $n, $k ) = @_;
    $n = Math::BigInt->new( $n );
    $k = Math::BigInt->new( $k );
    my $r = $n - $k;
    return $n->bfac() / ($k->bfac() * $r->bfac());
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