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i am working on a little function for fetching and displaying items from my twitter rss feed. but i am getting it in this format :
Title http://t.co/xxx

what i want is to extract the http://t.co/xx (url) from that string i am getting. so i can use it as a link etc.
Help is appreciated :}

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$item = "Title http://t.co/xxx";
preg_match( "/http\S+/", $item, $matches );
$url = $matches[0];
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Perfect exactly what i wanted, thanks :} –  Ayaz Malik May 2 '12 at 1:58

Try :

$title = Title http://t.co/xxx

$final = str_replace("Title ","",$title);
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$str = 'Title http://t.co/xxx';
echo substr($str, strpos($str, 'http'));
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Might be a good time to learn regular expression too :)

try this out

$s = '
Title http://t.co/xxx
Title http://t.co/yyy


$s2 = preg_replace( '@(Title |http://t.co/)@i', '', $s );
echo nl2br( $s2 );
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