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I have been programming and creating applications in Android and then converting it to a .bar file for the Blackberry Playbook. However, lately I have been receiving negative reviews on my apps about converting Android apps to Blackberry. Therefore, I want to learn how to develop native Blackberry Playbook apps. I downloaded the installer and installed it already; my question is how do I learn to program in C now? It seems like a big jump from programming in Android. Also, is there any way of transferring my current applications (in Eclipse that are programmed in Android) to native Blackberry apps? I think I understand that the benefits of natively programming in Blackberry are that you can essentially take advantage of the graphics/buttons/themes that Blackberry has to offer, unlike Android.

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If you're really learning C, The C Programming Language, while a bit dated, is still the best introduction to the C language in my opinion. The BlackBerry APIs will of course be something else entirely... –  sarnold May 2 '12 at 1:49
For the record, you can create native applications in both C++ and C. I would suggest using C++ where possible for applications like yours - it enables you to write safer code more naturally. Anyway, it won't be a matter of simply "converting" or "transferring" your code, it will be an involved rewrite of your program. Good luck! –  AerandiR May 2 '12 at 1:51
C Primer Plus by Steve Prata is a great text for learning the language and syntax. –  Dogbert May 7 '12 at 15:23

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I think what you really are talking about are Adobe AIR applications, not NDK based applications written in C. The NDK which you mentioned is used mostly for games development and it does not have access to the buttons and themes in Playbook (it will in the upcoming BB10 release).

To make a native app for the Playbook which makes use of the existing UI libraries you need to learn ActionScript and the Adobe AIR framework. As others have mentioned you cannot just take your Eclipse project written in Java for Android and compile it as a native Playbook application: you need to rewrite your application from scratch using ActionScript.

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