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I'm getting really confused over how to connect to MongoLab on Heroku. To connect using the uri to Heroku, I was trying to follow this example:

I looked at both his web.js and deep.js. They both do something like:

    require( 'connect-jsonrpc' )( contacts )
).listen( port );

But then only the database query in 'contacts' get passed into this server then? Am I allowed to do multiple connect.createServer for each of my database access method?

The following is part of my code when just connecting to MongoDB locally. I am unsure of how to modify it to connect to MongoLab on Heroku.

Can someone teach me how to modify my code to connect? Or explain some of these concepts? I have no idea why the author of that website I posted used so many callbacks to do a database call, when my approach below seems straightforward enough (I'm new to JavaScript, not good with callbacks).

var app = module.exports = express.createServer(
  form({ keepExtensions: true })

var Db = require('mongodb').Db;
var Server = require('mongodb').Server;
var client = new Db('blog', new Server('', 27017, {}));

var posts;
var getAllPosts = function(err, collection) {
  collection.find().toArray(function(err, results) {
    posts = results;

app.get('/', function(req, response) {, pClient) {
    client.collection('posts', getAllPosts);

  // some code
  response.render('layout', { posts: posts, title: 'Raymond', contentPage: 'blog' });
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You connect to your mongolab database (so you can't create a new "blog" database). process.env.MONGOLAB_URI includes the database name as well. See your mongolab uri:

heroku config | grep MONGOLAB_URI

It looks like: mongodb://

On github there is an example how to connect and retrieve data from a mongolab database.

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I was looking at that example. Can I call connect.createServer( ... ) multiple times? Because I define multiple url endpoints that require access to the database. I'm also not sure how to pass in my own parameters from the url parameters. – poleapple May 6 '12 at 20:45
You don't need to createServer for every url endpoint. To handle database operations you could create a kind of Provider. See an example of "ArticleProvider" on how-to-node blog – Anatoly Mironov May 7 '12 at 23:15

Use "connect" to connect to mongo, instead of defining db, server, client:

var connect = require('connect');
var mongo = require('mongodb');
var database = null;

var mongostr = [YOUR MONGOLAB_URI];

mongo.connect(mongostr, {}, function(error, db)
            console.log("connected, db: " + db);

            database = db;

            database.addListener("error", function(error){
            console.log("Error connecting to MongoLab");

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