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I've seen trillions (okay, perhaps not trillions but at certainly billions) of examples of using the various PHP filters with an array of options but I haven't see how you specify just one option.

For example:

On the page at http://www.w3schools.com/php/filter_validate_int.asp it says:

Note: When specifying options in an array. The options must be in an associative multidimensional array with the name "options". See example below Example

?php $var=300;

$int_options = array("options"=> array("min_range"=>0, "max_range"=>256));

var_dump(filter_var($var, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, $int_options)); ?>

On the page at http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_filter_var.asp there is:

options Optional. Specifies an associative array of flags/options or a single flag/option. Check each filter for possible options and flags

So - how do you specify only one option?

Say you wanted to check an integer and only specify the maximum value allowed. How do you code the filter_var option?

filter_var($var, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, ????????)

What would you code in place of the ????????? to specify a maximum allowed value?

Is there a way to do it or do you always have to create, and pass, an associative array even if you use only one option?


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  1. Don't use w3schools for anything
  2. Use php.net for your PHP reference
  3. If you did #1 and #2 you would see that third parameter is optional and may be excluded. If you wish to have only one option then you simply pass it only one option in the array:

    $int_options = array("options"=> array("max_range"=>256));

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