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MongoDB + PHP: How do you query the size of a document stored in a mongodb object? The document limit, at the time of this writing (recently raised from 4MB), is 16MB.

How can I query the size of a Document using the ObjectId?

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Object.bsonsize(document) is the function you're after. I'm reading this thread and finding a few suggestions about how to do it in php. The easiest is probably to query for the document object and run strlen on the bson_encode'd object giving you the size in bytes.

$byteSize = strlen( bson_encode( $yourDocument ) ); 

If you're wanting to do this check on a lot of documents, say in a loop, without reading back every document you'll need to run a command execute (Mardix had posted this little function to do just that - note: it could easily be rewritten a little better to avoid the hardcoded and global variables):

$DBName = "MyDBName"; 
$MongoDB = new MongoDB(new Mongo(),$DBName); 

function documentSize(Array $Criteria){ 
  global $MongoDB; 
  $collectionName = "MyCollection"; 
  $jsonCriteria = json_encode($Criteria); 
  $code = "function(){ 
    return Object.bsonsize(db.{$collectionName}.findOne({$jsonCriteria})) 

  $resp = $MongoDB->execute($code); 
  return $resp["retval"]; 

PHP example where $id is the document id

$myDocSize = documentSize(array("_id"=>$id)); 
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then again, if you're worried about the limit you should be using GridFS. –  Louis May 2 '12 at 3:40

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