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I am learning rspec. I have the simple example below. Why am I getting

with_rspec.rb:1:in `require': no such file to load -- rspec/mocks (LoadError)


describe "It should return the parameter that was passed in" do
  it "should return 20 when 20 is passed in" do
    a = fb(20)
    a.should == 20
  it "should return 30 when 30 is passed in" do
    a = fb(30)
    a.should == 30


def fb(n)

I did sudo apt-get install ruby-rspec-core Do I need another library. Why the message about mocks? Don't see how the code given would need them

At first gem install rpsec seemed to help but now I am getting the msg again.

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Error message said you should install rspec-mocks.
Please try to install by the following command.

gem install rspec-mocks

Usually, only type the following command.

gem install rspec

RubyGems solves dependency relation about library,
so RubyGems installs rspec and rspec-mocks at once.

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