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I have a method which insert a record to mysql database as bellow,

public boolean addOrganization(OrganizationDTO organizationDTO) {
    Connection con = null;
    try {
        String insertOrganizationSQL = "INSERT INTO organizations (org_id, org_name) VALUES(?, ?)";
        con = JDBCConnectionPool.getInstance().checkOut();
        PreparedStatement insertOrgPS = (PreparedStatement) con.prepareStatement(insertOrganizationSQL);
        insertOrgPS.setString(1, organizationDTO.getOrg_id());
        return true;
    } catch (Exception e) {
        return false;
    } finally {

database table,

CREATE TABLE `organizations` (
  `org_id` varchar(5) NOT NULL,
  `org_name` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
  `user` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`org_id`)

what I need is, when I insert a new record if, that is a duplicate exit the method without trying to insert and inform the user that it is a duplicate record. Is it possible to do without writing another method to search the record before inserting?

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You can do an INSERT IGNORE and then check how many rows were affectd. If it's zero, it was a duplicate. –  Eli May 2 '12 at 3:28
Add a unique key to the appropriate columns? –  Tony Ennis May 2 '12 at 3:31
I found a solution for my problem from [this][1] qestion [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/548541/… –  Harsha May 2 '12 at 3:51

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I would add a UNIQUE constraint to your table. For example, if org_name needs to be unique:

ALTER TABLE organizations ADD UNIQUE (org_name);

Then observe what's returned when you try to insert a duplicate record through Java. Add code to check for this, and if it occurs, display the message to your user.

Here is the reference documentation for ALTER TABLE.

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Thats right, Alter table will surely help.

In your case, let say, both org_id and org_name is there, I would add unique in both, just avoid any confusion later.

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