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Hi I have data in a csv file format that Id like to import into my postgresql. The postgresql would be used in my rails app as a prepopulated db. I realize rails uses a ORM . So I was wondering if its good to import data into the db like this.

If not how should I do it?

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In general, for bulk loading you'll want to use the COPY interface or, if you can afford downtime and have truly monsterous amounts of data to load, pg_bulkload.

COPY can be client- or server-side. For client-side COPY your client needs to support it. libpq does, as does the psql client. PgJDBC also supports COPY from client side. I don't know if Ruby's database interface does, but I doubt it. If it doesn't you can use server-side COPY if you have appropriate access permissions on the server, or you can shell out to psql to do the bulk import using the psql \copy command.

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You can bulk load from the Ruby side via the native database connection (that ActiveRecord uses under the covers). It works quite well, but is more fiddly than using AR. –  Ben W May 3 '12 at 10:43

Your question is largely answered by the sample code in this question - Ignore first line on csv parse Rails

I don't have the power to flag this question as a duplicate however.

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Yes but that post is using a gem to parse csv. I was wondering if I can use a migration tool to accomplish this? –  banditKing May 2 '12 at 3:58

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