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My requirement is simple.

I need to search with the keyword similar to SQL LIKE.

Now the search shows results for "words" rather than checking partial characters.


  • Search query: "test"
  • Expected results: "test%" - Which gives "test", "tested", "testing", etc...
  • Actual result: "test"

I found many query suggestions for SOLR. But I need to find the exact mechanism to put that on conf xml files.

Thanks in advance.

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For the record: To pass the problem, and due to the restriction of time, I managed to solve the problem by handling it on client side - By putting wild character at the end of search keyword. "test*". But I am looking for the best option available. –  IvenMS May 2 '12 at 5:04
Wouldnt a stemmed field satisfy your example? Its much easier and more powerful than an SQL LIKE, that you can stop thinking in terms in terms of LIKE. stackoverflow.com/a/10362591/604511 –  aitchnyu May 2 '12 at 5:51

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The quick and dirty solution is to use wildcard in your search query using an asterisk (*). For example: test*

The more proper solution would be to use stemming to remove common word endings when you index and query the data. In the default schema, the text_en_splitting field type would do this for you. Just define your field as text_en_splitting.

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Are you building auto-complete?

If so, use Suggester. It's part of Solr, and it does what you're talking about extremely efficiently using either a dictionary file, or a field in your index you've designated.


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