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In my view I would like to have Post.find.. before the raw as in the second example below. The raw is there because I'm using a separate font inline that I need to detect with css.

Putting the raw before the Post: this renders properly. However it's not the sequence I want.

<%= link_to raw("<span id='arrow'>&gt</span>") + Post.find_by_id(post.id-1).title, params.merge(:page => @posts.previous_page) %>

This doesn't work, the raw gets rendered like, "<span id='arrow'>&gt</span>". But it is the sequence I want.

<%= link_to Post.find_by_id(post.id-1).title + raw("<span id='arrow'>&gt</span>"), params.merge(:page => @posts.previous_page) %>

How can I get the second statement to render the raw properly?

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You really ought to not put calls to find in your views. You probably want a helper or something that renders this instead of making a mess in ERB. Also, post.id - 1 isn't going to work for the first post, and also isn't necessarily always going to work. Deleting a post, for example, will cause it to fail. –  bdimcheff May 3 '12 at 2:37
hi brandon :) Thanks, I'll end up refactoring the view code into model helpers at some point. Yup good catch on the post.id -1. I'll need to refactor that one too. How's everything in A^2? If you make it out to SF let me know. –  Verdi Erel Ergün May 3 '12 at 17:51

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<%= link_to raw("#{Post.find_by_id(post.id-1).title} <span id='arrow'>&gt</span>"), params.merge(:page => @posts.previous_page) %>
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Worked. Thank you! –  Verdi Erel Ergün May 2 '12 at 5:45

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