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I am having all sorts of weird issues with paths in the tinyMCE. I'm not sure if it has to do with the MCImageManaI'll try to summarize my setup:

I've got a .NET website. For now the application root is at http://localhost/APP/

tiny_mce is hosted in ~/tiny_mce, the imagemanager plugin is of course in ~/tiny_mce/plugins/imagemanager

~/uploads is where I want the images to be uploaded/managed

~/tiny_mce/plugins/imagemanager/web.config contains this key: <add key="filesystem.rootpath" value="../../../upload" />

It also contains <add key="preview.urlprefix" value="{proto}://{host}/APP/" /> to account for the app root being not at the hostname root (seriously, I shouldn't have to hardcode that....but that's another issue)

So far so good -- when I browse from the image dialog in tinyMCE, I get the image browser and it browses the correct folder

The weirdness starts when I select an image. Here's what gets put in the "Image URL" box on the "Insert/edit image" form:


APPot? What the hell? Shouldn't it just be "upload/Image.JPG"?

This was with

relative_urls: true,
remove_script_host: true,
document_base_url: 'http://localhost/APP/'

and also

relative_urls: true,
remove_script_host: true,
document_base_url: 'http://localhost/APP/'

I can't tell if that second one is necessary, or even doing anything

where is "ot" coming from? I assume its existance is why it can't figure out how to use the document_base_url.

If I reset the url prefix to the original setting: <add key="preview.urlprefix" value="{proto}://{host}/" />, i end up with:


which actually seems a little closer. No "ot" crammed in there, but it's a directory off.

Anybody know what's going on?

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Example configuration

  • your web www.example.com has DocumentRoot /var/www-data/
  • you upload you images to /var/www/uploads/images
  • you serve your images from vhost static.example.com with DocumentRoot /var/www

Corresponding settings

  • set preview.wwwroot to /var/www
  • set filesystem.rootpath to /var/www/uploads/images
  • set preview.urlprefix to http://static.example.com (or //static.example.com)

Extended explanation

Happily coding when wild 'ds' appears!

The issue is with Moxiecode_ManagerEngine::convertPathToURI that uses a piece of code $uri = substr($abs_path, strlen($root)); where $abs_path is the "server" path (/var/www/uploads/images/image.png) and $root is $root = $this->getSiteRoot();. By default MCIE tries to "guess" the siteroot url (it guesses wrong /var/www-data/). In my case I saved the uploaded the files to different server, where the siteurl was little bit different. So the substr removed completely unrelated part of the $abs_path

substr('/var/www/uploads/images/image.png', strlen('/var/www-data/')) == 'ds/images/image.png'

To fix this, you need to set preview.wwwroot config directive. If set, it's returned from getSiteRoot and stripped accordingly.

substr('/var/www/uploads/images/image.png', strlen('/var/www/')) == 'uploads/images/image.png'

The code of Moxiecode_ManagerEngine::convertPathToURI is dumb and should be fixed, but this solution is good enough.

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Since relative_urls: is true, document_based_url is used to generate the path. Try setting relative_urls: to false. Here's some documentation which explains the options:

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