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I need an example for sorting a column in ace:dataTable, i don't know how to use sortBy + sortFunction . thanks

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Off topic but IceFaces is a fork of PrimeFaces, in case you don't know. blog.primefaces.org/?p=1750 –  Cagatay Civici May 17 '12 at 11:11

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<ui:param name="title" value="#{msgs[dataTableSorting.title]}"/>
<ui:param name="description" value="#{msgs[dataTableSorting.description]}"/>
<ui:param name="resourceValue" value="#{dataTableSorting.exampleResource}"/>

<ui:param name="wikiResources" value="#{dataTableResources.wikiResources}"/>
<ui:param name="tldResources" value="#{dataTableResources.tldResources}"/>

<ui:define name="example">
    <h:form id="form">
       <ace:dataTable id="carTable"
           <ace:column id="id" headerText="ID" sortBy="#{car.id}">
                <h:outputText id="idCell" value="#{car.id}"/>
            <ace:column id="name" headerText="Name" sortBy="#{car.name}">
                <h:outputText id="nameCell" value="#{car.name}"/>
            <ace:column id="chassis" headerText="Chassis" sortBy="#{car.chassis}" >
                <h:outputText id="chassisCell" value="#{car.chassis}"/>
            <ace:column id="weight" headerText="Weight (lbs)" sortBy="#{car.weight}">
                <h:outputText id="weightCell" value="#{car.weight}"/>
            <ace:column id="accel" headerText="Accel" sortBy="#{car.acceleration}" >
                <h:outputText id="accelCell" value="#{car.acceleration}"/>
            <ace:column id="mpg" headerText="MPG" sortBy="#{car.mpg}">
                <h:outputText id="mpgCell" value="#{car.mpg}"/>
            <ace:column id="cost" headerText="Cost" sortBy="#{car.cost}">
                <h:outputText id="costCell" value="#{car.cost}">
                    <f:convertNumber type="currency"

Reference - icefaces-showcase

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Thanks a lot for the example, I need to know how to connect sortby and sorFunction to the java code , can you please give me the example of the java code that implement this xhtml code ? ( I don't understand how to pass sortBy values and use it in the java code ) –  user1059769 May 2 '12 at 5:52

So my friend found the solution:

In the collectionBean :

private Comparator<String> vNoComparator = new Comparator<String>(){ 

         public int compare(String iRec1, String iRec2){
              if(iRec1==null || iRec2==null)
                    if(iRec1==null && iRec2==null)
                          return 0;
                          return -1;
                    return 1;

              long vNumber1=  Long.parseLong(iRec1) ;
              long vNumber2= Long.parseLong(iRec2);
                    return 1;
              else if(vNumber1<vNumber2)
                    return -1;
                    return 0; 

The type of Comparator is the type of the attribute that we sort by , in this case ARecordNo type is String

public Comparator<String> getvNoComparator() {
        return vNoComparator;
  public void setvNoComparator(Comparator<String> vNoComparator) {
        this.vNoComparator = vNoComparator;

In .xhtml :

  var="eITDocumentsItemBean" …..

ARecordNo= the attribute in the ItemBean to sort by it vNoComparator= the Comparator I create

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This isn't the correct answer?. This helped me. Thanks :) –  sura2k Dec 3 '13 at 12:15

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