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my_gem hello name1 name2 name3 give me a

my_gem hello requires at least 1 argument: my_gem hello name

Should I just parse them and separate the arguments with a delimeter?


my_gem hello name1,name2,name3,nameN

In the file it would look like

class MyCLI < Thor
  desc "hello NAMES", "say hello to names"

  def hello(names)
    say "hello #{names.split(',')}"

Or is there anyway to do this?

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Yes, there is another way of doing this.

require 'thor'
class TestApp < Thor
    desc "hello NAMES", "long desc"
    def hello(*names)
        say "hello #{names.join('; ')}"

And it can be called like this:

$ thor test_app:hello first second third
hello first; second; third
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