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I have a prolbem with the Flot plugin while loading massive data(about 30,000 data points & 200 series).
It takes more than 15 seconds to loading flot. And zooming or drag-drop become not that smooth.
Here is my code:

var options = {
    xaxis:  {
        tickFormatter: function(val, axis){
            var d = new Date(val);
            var year = d.getYear()+1900;
            var month = d.getMonth()+1;
            var day = d.getDay()+1;
            var time = year+"/"+month+"/"+day+" "+((d.getUTCHours()/10<1) ?"0":"")+d.getUTCHours()+":"+((d.getUTCMinutes()/10<1) ?"0":"")+d.getUTCMinutes()+":"+d.getUTCSeconds();
                    return time;
            tickSize: 7200000,
            min: data.minArriveTime,
            max: data.maxArriveTime
        yaxis: { ticks: stopMapping },
        series: {
            lines: { show: true, lineWidth: 2 },
            points: { show: true, radius:1.5}, 
            shadowSize: 0     // for performance
        selection: { mode: "xy" },
        shadowSize: 0, 
        grid: { hoverable: true, clickable: true },
        colors: colors

var plot = $.plot($("#placeholder"), routeDatas , options);
  1. Is there any other options that improve flot performance

  2. Is there any possible solution other than flot? (endurable massive data)

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What browser & browser version are you using? –  DNS May 2 '12 at 12:07
Flot is not a good solution for massive data sets. The usual solution is to aggregate the data server-side, and then if offer the ability to zoom in to specific sections of the complete data. Highcharts is the only other library I've used, and it suffers similarly. Good luck! –  Ryley May 2 '12 at 15:19
thanks a lot ! I'm using Google Chrome browser.. –  JinKs May 3 '12 at 4:23
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