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Before I embark on a project designed to fail, I'd like to set things straight so they don't fail, by asking a simple question: how on earth would a DCPU-16 load a kernel... being virtual and all. I understand the process of bootstrapping and kernel init on a physical computer, however, the DCPU-16 has me at a loss. Should I assume it is indeed a 1:1 16-bit processor that works the exact same way?

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The DCPU-16 is just a CPU core with memory. There are I/O extensions, but I don't think any of them makes it very straight-forward to bootstrap the CPU. Most emulators just pre-load the emulated processor's memory with whatever data you want to have there, before starting the CPU.

It's certainly nowhere near the state of the art, but my very own DCPU-16 emulator certainly behaves that way, too.

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