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I have a facebook application (a two player game) that can post messages on the wall of a friend. This all works. But when the user opens the app for the first time he gets a message asking him if he allows the application to post messages on his wall.

Obviously some users will press the "Don't allow" button.

Is there a way to check the permissions that my ap has with a certain user? So i know wether or not to call the facebookClient.Post() method.

I'm using the C# FacebookClient library. So if possible i'd like a solution for that.

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Yes, of course, there's the permissions connection for the User object, and you don't need any special permission for asking that.

You can ask about the logged in user "me/permissions" or by user id "USER_ID/permissions", which will return:

array containing a single object which has the keys as the permission names and the values as the permission values (1/0) - Permissions with value 0 are omitted from the object by default

You can try it with the Graph Explorer.

I have no idea about the C# part, but since all facebook SDKs are simply wrappers for https requests, I'm sure it's possible. Basically, if you can get results for "/me" then you should be able to get results for "/me/permissions".

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