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I've encountered an odd misbehavior of VS 2008's integration with Visual Source Safe 2005.

Situation occurs when I fire up VS2008 when a project is checked out to someone else, and later they check the project back in, while I still hold the VS2008 open. If I at that time add a new item, VS2008 tells me that my action has caused a check out of the project and a new version has been loaded from source control. Fair enough, but thereafter I get an error dialog stating "Visual Studio has encountered an unexpected error" with OK at every subsequent action, such as save file and search text, making it almost unusable. This is overcome by closing VS (which pops the error dialog once more) and restarting.

Is there some kind of fix or workaround to this (besides the obvious ones: "don't try to check out the project when it's checked out to someone else", or "get latest version if you think the other person may have checked the project back in")?

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I've had similar problems with VSS and it was because either a computer using the files did not have VSS installed, or because the VS2008-VSS project was set up improperly. Your wording makes it sound like you are not checking in/out individual files but the entire project as a single item instead... if this is so, why? –  rlb.usa Jun 24 '09 at 22:05
Actually in these times when this has caught me I was creating a new item in a checked out project (a new class in the project, for instance) -- this requires a checkout of the project itself. The described behavior seems like a bug, but apparently no fix exists. –  Cyberherbalist Jun 25 '09 at 15:32

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