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I know you can create tiles from your application in windows phone 7.5. I'm interested in how to create big tile like the picture tile or the Samsung Hub tile ( that expend over the size of 2 tile horizontally or vertically). I's there any public api to do this? (with out using native code)?

thank you!

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An application on the Marketplace can not create wide tiles. Builders are the only ones who can do that currently.

Windows Phone devices come with some Start Tiles already installed by Microsoft and its mobile operator and hardware manufacturer partners. These Tiles consistently follow the Metro style. Double-width Tiles are available only to Microsoft and its partners.

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This won't pass certification, for the reason provided by Julien, however you can play with the WMAppManifest.xml by altering the TemplateType, as detailed in the following :-

Just to repeat, this won't pass certification.

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