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I am designing a Surveying system for a small project in our community. But somehow I am getting stuck on how to properly design the system in such a way that it can be configured at the database side.

My use case is like this: It's some sort of a survey system where user is ask a series of questions and depending on their answer another question would be ask. I am planning to show this as step/wizard pages.

                                   | --- Answer C  --> End Survey
        |--- Answer A  --- Q2 ---- | --- Answer D  --> End Survey                                                       
Q1 ---> |                          | --- Answer E  --> End Survey                               
        |--- Answer B  --- Q3 --- | --- Answer F  --> Q7  ---> End survey
                       |          | --- Answer G  --- Q8  --- | Answer H --> End Survey
                       |                                      | Answer I --> End Survey
                       |                                      | Answer J --> End Survey
                       --- Q4 --- End Survey                  | Answer K --> End Survey

In my diagram, user is first shown Q1 (Question1), if his answer is A, then Q2 will be presented with a list of answer's (C, D, E) then the survey stops. But if user answers B, then he will be shown Q3 + Q4 on the same page. If user answer F on Q3 then next question is Q7 and on and on.

I am thinking of creating a QUESTION table to hold the question and a QUESTION_ITEMS table to hold the list of answers but how do I handle the state transition?

I am actually stuck on how to properly support this kind of requirement where user is able to configure the question list.

Any thoughts?

My target DB is MYSQL by the way.


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I think it makes sense to have questions and questionitems (aka answers). Then all you need is to link each question_item to its follow-up page. Group the questions together by using a separate column for page.


ID   Name    Page
1    Q1      1
2    Q2      2
3    Q3      3
4    Q4      3


ID   Name        Question_ID    Next_Page
1    Answer 1    1              2
2    Answer 2    1              3

Etc ...

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Nice! Thanks.... – Mark Estrada May 8 '12 at 2:28

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