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I'm beginner in MyEclispe Workbech. When I run my application in debug mood, Debug view will enable automatically and I enable manually Expression view and when I press F6 key(Step Over key) or F5 then Debug view enable again automatically.

I want active Expression view and don't automatically changes.

(Sorry if I am using the wrong terminology or grammar, I am learning english language.)

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Go to the menu on Window->Preferences->Run/Debug->Perspectives and select whether you want it to prompt you for the Debug view or Always use it or Never use it.

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My means isn't Perspectives configuration, I want deactivate automatically switch between views . –  MJM May 5 '12 at 5:55
Sorry then I guess this is your only choice if possible:stackoverflow.com/questions/3685199/… –  LMDDGTFY May 9 '12 at 22:48

I found solution for solve this issue. I do following steps:

  1. Window -> Preferences -> `Run/Debug
  2. Do check or unchecked Activate the debug view when a breakpoint is hit checkbox.

By this solution my requirments solved.

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