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I have successfully installed dotnetnuke 6 on localhost and is working fine but when i uploaded it to shared hosting webserver it is giving error

here is the link http://www.pakwindow.com/pages/

 <customErrors mode="Off"/>

when i open the web.config file it is already

 <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" >

now i dont understand what is happening and no more details is available may be the cause of the error is i have uploaded the site not in root folder ie httpdocs

rather i have made a subfolder named pages and there i have uploaded the site now i cannot upload the site on root without testing and how can i test a site in page folder

any suggestions??

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The errormessage is saying that you should set the customerrors to mode "off" if you want to see any details of the error.

Like this:

<customErrors mode="Off"/>

If you do that you will probably see a describing error message and be able to fix it.

With the mode you have now "RemoteOnly" you will only see the detailed error from localhost.

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