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I am new to Omnet and am having some difficulty in initializing circular queue. I think this is done in the same way as initialization is done in C++ but I am not so sure. For instance, when I have a variable int numbers. I initialize it by numbers = par("numbers"). Similarly, I have a circular queue cQueue queue. Now, how would I initialize it? I didn't find any useful documentation for this. I want to initialize queue to an empty array. Something like queue=[].

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This is not the best place to ask about Omnet++. When you have more doubts, go to!forum/omnetpp

Either way, I'll try to answer your question ;)

You got some things mixed up. The cQueue class is not a circular queue, but a simple queue for storing pointers to objects of the cObject type. Also, for initializing an empty queue, you just need to declare it, like

cQueue queue("Named Queue"); // creates a named queue

You can then add default objects to your queue using a for loop:

for (int i = 0; i < num; ++i) {
    queue.insert(obj); // get this object somewhere

I hope this helps.


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