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For a while, I thought I'd host stuff at home because I can do whatever I want. However, hurricane Ike knocked out my power for a week, and I've finally realized this situation won't work.

I have extremely low traffice websites (20 visitors/day), so I don't need tons of CPU or bandwidth. What cheap options are there for VPS hosting that will give me flexiblity to do what I need to configure my server, but not cost very much.

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RapidVPS offers windows hosting. $29,99/month

I am a customer of their linux vps hosting and have had zero problems.

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I use Applied Innovations for my .NET hosting. They seem to have cheap VPS as well.

I've never noticed a downtime,and their billing and support has been reliable.

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Check out KickAssVPS I have had a Windows VPS with them for over a year now.

I have the $35 package which is 960 MB RAM 10GB Space 100GB Transfer

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Get high quality VPS from them :) They support linux.

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