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I am using certreq -new and have a policy file in inf-format. I would like to set the "KeySpec" paramter to "both" and the documentation tells me it is possible. But it doesn't tell me how:

The KeySpec determines if the key can be used for signatures, for Exchange (encryption), or for both.

While signatures are defined by "2" and encryption (exchange) is set by "1". Entering 0 produces a signature spec, entering 3 tells me it doesn't know what "3" should be.

Anyone know how to define KeySpec for both?

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For anyone interested I figured this out. KeySpec 2 means signatures only, KeySpec 1 means both and to limit a key to encryption only, use EncipherOnly option.

Also a related note, because I stumpled upon it: Using KeyLength=2048 does not work with KeySpec=1 with the "Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider", you have to choose another one (use cerutil -csplist to find one).

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