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I write an application with Symfony 2. I have a form which has a file field.
When there is no file chosen the view is a button of "choose file" and on the right of it text 'No file chosen'. When i select a file, the file-name appears on the right of the button.

I would like to change this behaviour:
When no file is chosen, show only the button.
After choosing a file, instead of showing the file-name I would like to generate a preview of the image.

Anyone has a simple solution for this problem?

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you can change the css of the input type file to visibility:hidden and display a button there... and you can make a jquery event like this


and the rest you can use an iframe stimulate the upload event.

for jquery file upload please check the code link this link


hope this helps

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Very nice and elegant solution... I still didn't get into the iframe which simulate the upload event, how complicated is it?? Is it necessary to download an external widget? –  guyaloni May 4 '12 at 14:57

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