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Hy guys

I´m trying to include a function from a php-file to my phpunittest.

When i do not include it, it works fine. I already tried some different solutions with i found while googleing...

There is no error message, it is not even starting to run the test.

I want something like that:

this should be the included function in mappingfunction.php

  public function mapping(string catname)
    echo ($catname);

  } ?>

This should be the PhpUnit-test:


require_once '/mappingfunction.php' ;

class Example extends PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase
  protected function setUp()

  public function testMyTestCase()


}  ?>

Why is it not working? What could I do instead?


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works without the slash :)

require_once 'mappingfunction.php' ;
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