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I'd like to turn off the screen by my application but I can't get device admin.

This is my code:

DevicePolicyManager mDPM;
ComponentName mDeviceAdminSample;
private static final int REQUEST_CODE_ENABLE_ADMIN = 1;

/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


    mDeviceAdminSample = new ComponentName(this, Act_01_LockScreen.class);
    mDPM = (DevicePolicyManager) getSystemService(Context.DEVICE_POLICY_SERVICE);


public void onResume() {

    Boolean mAdminActive = isActiveAdmin();

    if (!mAdminActive) {

            // Launch the activity to have the user enable our admin.
            Intent intent = new Intent(DevicePolicyManager.ACTION_ADD_DEVICE_ADMIN);
            intent.putExtra(DevicePolicyManager.EXTRA_DEVICE_ADMIN, mDeviceAdminSample);
            startActivityForResult(intent, REQUEST_CODE_ENABLE_ADMIN);
            // return false - don't update checkbox until we're really active



private boolean isActiveAdmin() {
    return mDPM.isAdminActive(mDeviceAdminSample);


This code doesn't show me anything. How I can do?

Many thanks...

Please don't show me any link that haven't the soltuion...

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As a workaround you might try this trick, based on changing brightness level.

Window window = getWindow();
WindowManager.LayoutParams windowParams = window.getAttributes();
windowParams.screenBrightness = 0;
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Many thanks for the answer, but this doesn't answer to my question and If I used this code I'm not able to exit from standby anymore. –  Meroelyth May 2 '12 at 10:56

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