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I'm building a webapp where I have a settings panel. I have a code that saves data from form to localStorage, but how could I make it populate the form automatically on pageload if there is some data saved to localStorage?

This is my code for the form:

<label for="serveri"> Server: </label> 
<input type='text' name="server" id="saveServer"/> 
<button onclick="save_data()" type="button" value="Save" id="Save" data-theme="a">Save</button> 

<script> function save_data()
{ var input = document.getElementById("saveServer");
localStorage.setItem("server", input.value); 
var storedValue = localStorage.getItem("server"); } 
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All you need to do is add a ready method to load the data.

$(document).ready(function() {

Or non-JQuery answer.

function save_data() 
function load_data() 
  var input = document.getElementById("saveServer");
  input.value = localStorage.getItem("server");


Just make sure your form exists before any of the JavaScript to populate it is executed.

Here is a working example.

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