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A requirement for a 3rd party config is that i supply it with:
1. Fully.Qualified.Type.Name,
2. AssemblyNameWithoutTheDllExtension
of a specific class

now this should be easy, but I am not sure how to solve this.
I have an website (web forms)
All my classes live in a sub folder inside my APP_CODE folder
my classes are just plain cs files, not dlls
Everything is in the global namespace

(note, 3rd party is see previous thread (My previous Q)

Thanks for the help!

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Question was answered in my Quartz thread. but to keep it generic for future googelers:

note - answer came from jvilalta

var name=yourVariable.GetType().Name gets you the name, .Namespace gives you the namespace and .Assembly gives you the assembly name. I don't know if you will be able to load if from app code because I am assuming the assembly name will change each time it's compiled

So you would need to pre-build your web site to generate the app_code.dll in the bin folder then you can easily go

<job-type>Fully.Qualified.Type.Name, AssemblyNameWithoutTheDllExtension</job-type>

or in my case

<job-type>HelloJob, App_Code</job-type>
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