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I am absolutely new to Java development.

Can someone please elaborate on how to obtain "Grammatical Relations" using the Stanfords's Natural Language Processing Lexical Parser- open source Java code?


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see my answer here- this is for dependency parsing (vs syntactic) but I give some source code too:… – nflacco May 2 '12 at 18:21
Thanks for the response nflacco! I might sound a bit dumb to u but, please tell me how am I gonna use the "GrammaticalRelation.class" in edu.stanford.nlp.trees package? My requirement is to find the grammatical relations amomgst the words in the input sentence. – Ishank Dubey May 3 '12 at 5:57
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See line 88 of first file in my code to run the Stanford Parser programmatically

GrammaticalStructureFactory gsf = tlp.grammaticalStructureFactory();
GrammaticalStructure gs = gsf.newGrammaticalStructure(parse);
Collection tdl = gs.typedDependenciesCollapsed();

System.out.println("words: "+words); 
System.out.println("POStags: "+tags); 
System.out.println("stemmedWordsAndTags: "+stems); 
System.out.println("typedDependencies: "+tdl); 

The collection tdl is a list of these typed dependencies. If you look on the javadoc for TypedDependency you'll see that using the .reln() method gets you the grammatical relation.

Lines 311-318 of the third file in my code show how to use that list of typed dependencies. I happen to get the name of the relation, but you could get the relation itself, which would be of the class GrammaticalRelation.

for( Iterator<TypedDependency> iter = tdl.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) {
    TypedDependency var =;

    TreeGraphNode dep = var.dep();
    TreeGraphNode gov =;

    // All useful information for a node in the tree
    String reln = var.reln().getShortName();

Don't feel bad, I spent a miserable day or two trying to figure out how to use the parser. I don't know if the docs have improved, but when I used it they were pretty damn awful.

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thanks again man! – Ishank Dubey May 3 '12 at 8:18

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